Travelling Light


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The 96th Avenue NE Extension Calgary, CA
commissioned by City of Calgary Public Art Program
GPS: 51.142447, -114.041984
Travelling Light is a sculpture that takes motion as its theme and makes it experiencable.
The object, which seems simple at first glance, had to take various site-specific requirements into consideration. First, the rather unusual site on a bridge at the side of a busy four-lane highway in immediate proximity to the airport. Second, the condition that the sculpture serves as a constructive part of the bridge and thus could not be placed just anywhere. These preconditions led to a design that replaces an already planned streetlamp with an 18-meter-high ring that retains, in the original spot, the light fixture needed to illuminate the road. The sculpture is experienced primarily while driving past, and its perception constantly changes; but viewed from a distance it forms a landmark that encircles the view of the city and the open countryside like a huge frame. Its simplicity gives it a universal character and evokes various associations.
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