Art in public space, greenway in Röthelheimpark Erlangen, DE
Commisioned by: City of Erlangen
Supervision: Kulturamt Erlangen, Anke Steinert-Neuwirth M.A.
The idea behind the design is to combine the site’s many years of history as a military base (US military presence until the early 1990s) with its new utilization as an attractive residential quarter embedded in the landscape.
Placed on the greenway is a ca. 3.6-meter sculpture of a huge, geometricized hare formed of polished stainless steel. The variously angled surfaces reflect splinters of all the surroundings of the sculpture, whereby the hare fuses with its site in a kind of “crystalline” camouflage effect. The sculpture oscillates between gleaming attraction, advanced camouflage, and a rational abstraction of the digital era. In a surprising and complex way, its hybrid appearance unites opposites like nature and technology, visual attraction and mimicry, historicity and the new purpose of the site.
Photos: Erhard Och (Nr. 1), inges idee (Nr. 2, 3, 4)