• lightsculpture for entrancehall in a private building in Berlin, 2021


Ebersstrasse 91, 10827 Berlin DE 2022

Commissioned by Alexander E. Koblitz, Timm Kleyer
Architecture: kleyer.koblitz.letzel.freivogel ges. v. architekten mbh www.kklf.de/wohngebaeude-ebersstrasse
Execution: Atelier Paul Müller, Nürnberg
Building Owner: SCHÖNEBERS GmbH + Co. KG
Material: galvanized steel, powder-coated, light
Dimensions: HLW 3,85 x 5,21 x 1,90 meter

In the entrance area of the new residential building on Ebersstrasse in Berlin-Schoeneberg, a colored steel sculpture has wedged itself into the six-meter-high space. Geometric lampshades, straight connecting tubes and spherical couplings form a dynamic structure that spans the entire height of the vestibule and at the same time is responsible for its lighting.
The blue sculpture contrasts in shape and color with the powerful facade made of dark clinker bricks and the window elements made of larch. From the outside you can only see fragments of what is happening inside, the full complexity of the sculpture only becomes apparent when you enter the entrance area. The idiosyncratic object can also evoke figurative associations: an acrobatic “lamp man” that is reminiscent of the escape artist Houdini as well as of a famous facade climber equipped with lamps, who illuminates the room with his dynamic energy.

Photos: inges idee