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monumental sculpture picturing figure sitting on rooftop of shopping mall china, built out of coloured rings 2023


Jinmao Mall of Splendors IP, Zhangjiagang CNH 2023

YOYO is the abstracted figure of a boy sitting on the edge of the roof of the Mall of Splendor.

monumental sculpture of a figure climbing up architectural floors or levels, shopping mall china, picture of empowerment 2023

Up We Go!

Suhe Mixc World, Shanghai CHN 2023

Up We Go! shows the figure of a boy who seemingly effortlessly spans two storeys of a shopping center with one big step.

monumental sculpture picturing elephant child and elephant mother, brass instrument, shopping mall china, link of architectural levels 2023

Family Orchestra

Suhe Mixc World, Shanghai CHN 2023

The two-part sculpture Family Orchestra connects different floor levels with an emotionally charged story involving the relationship between a small, childlike elephant and its mother.

monumental sculpture of rabbit-like animal made of two steel plates painted with running track graphics, Sportcenter in Karlstad Schweden, 2022


Sportscenter Sannafält, Karlstad, SE, 2022

The Roadrunner is placed on a strip of grass surrounded by roads and faces the sports area across the street.

Monumentale Skulptur, ein Hund aus Briefklammern, Samsung Gallery seoul 2022


Samsung Raemian Gallery, Seoul, KR, 2022

A few everyday objects form the basic elements of this installation. A dog made of letter clips stands on the lawn and looks expectantly…

monumental sculpture of a pair of glasses looking at a giant rabbit at children’s hospital in bergen, norway 2022, dream image, poetic story, garden sculpture

Nice To See You

New Children’s Hospital at Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen NO 2022

Two cartoon-like figures, seeming as if from a dream, are positioned in the garden of the children’s hospital, permitting children and adults various starting points for interpretation.

monumental sculpture freeway, Hybridsculpture of roadway and rabbit, carrera track as hare, toronto freeway condominium 2022


BLOCK 12 CONCORD PARK PLACE, Toronto, Ontario, CAN 2022

Placed in close proximity to the busy Highway 401, the Rabbit has incorporated the endless lanes into its formal DNA. Like a roller coaster, the lanes whiz through the air in curves…

huge public sculpture of a streetlamp leaping a wall, condominium garden Toronto 2022

Leaping Lamp

BLOCK 12 CONCORD PARK PLACE, Toronto, Ontario, CAN 2022

The classic, cast-iron street lamp from the 19th century seems to defy its heavy materiality and light-footedly leaves its ancestral place. The existing wall, originally intended as a separation between…

monumental public sculpture as pinocchio in front of radio museum in berlin 2021

Radio Operator

Bildungscampus Funkerberg, City of Königs Wusterhausen DE 2021

The „Funkerberg“ (Radio Mountain) is firmly linked to the beginnings of radio broadcasting. Antenna masts more than 100 meters high were erected here and marked the technical location from afar.

public sculpture picturing a watersnake in flooding area of weser river in minden germany, 2022

Anticipatory Measure

Inselkunst Stadtblänke, City of Minden DE 2022

The sculpture takes its starting point in an oversized tape measure that appears through curved shapes like a comic-like animated creature.

sculpture-foyer -staircase-entrancehall-lightsculpture


Ebersstrasse 91, 10827 Berlin DE 2022

In the entrance area of the new residential building on Ebersstrasse in Berlin-Schoeneberg, a colored steel sculpture has wedged itself into the six-meter-high space.

The Entwurf

Siemens Campus, City of Erlangen DE 2020

The Entwurf is a figure that “designs” itself. Standing on a hill and dynamically bent forward, this figure hurls disks at an imaginary target

On Receipt

Fraunhofer Institut IOSB, AST, IIS, DVT, Ilmenau DE 2020

The sculpture depicts a deer that is made of polished stainless-steel tubes that evoke large, pullout antennae – a hybrid that oscillates between a technoid impression and an image of nature.

big public sculpture in city metropol big shoes



Two giant shoes with the corresponding legs span the forecourt of the building. The legs taper upwards in perspective, the rest of the body has disappeared.



Roundabout, City of Mohnheim on the Rhine, DE 2019

The roundabout in Monheim is turned into an oversized record player. A huge tone arm patiently waits for his mission on the asphalt, while the puck in the middle…



Ewha Womans University Seoul Hospital, Seoul, KR 2019

The two-part sculpture connects various structural areas of the university hospital with a simple but emotionally charged story about the visual relationship between a small, childlike and an “adult” snowman.



Indoor Swimming Pool, Sundsvall, SE 2019

On the roof of the newly built indoor swimming pool stands the “Springer” – an anthropomorphic sculpture composed of floats – visible from afar.


Main Station, Taichung, TW 2015-2018

On the square in front of the Taichung train station stands the monumental, greatly abstracted figure of a child gazing expectantly at the stairway to the new train station building.


Åkerbruket, Svedala, SE 2018

The starting point of this design is the archaic act of groundbreaking with a spade. On the access road to the newly opened residential area in rural southern Sweden is an 8-meter, brilliant red sculpture …


Look at you

Kristianstad Arena, Kristianstad, SE 2018

The facade of the tribune is covered with plastic seats in 6 different colors. The idea is to conceptually turn over the stands – from being horizontally directed towards the playing field …

landmark public sculpture

The Bone

Seton Professional Center, Calgary, CA 2017

A giant, toy-like dog is positioned at the corner of the site looking up towards the roof where it descries the object of it´s interest – a large bone.


Next step!

School Führichstrasse 53, Munich, DE 2017

A 12 m high figurine is placed where the school ground meets the urban sphere. The sculpture depicts a young student

art in metrostation stockholm


Stockholms new Metro Line, Arenastaden Station, SE 2016-2022 (In cooperation with Andreas Piontkowitz )

A coarsely screened photo of the façade of a high-rise, characterized by horizontal lines and various nuances of color, will be transposed to the barrel-shaped vault of the station platform hall as a pixelated mosaic



greenway in Röthelheimpark Erlangen, DE 2015

The idea behind the design is to combine the site’s many years of history as a military base with its new utilization



New building of Firehouse II, Mainz, DE 2015

A sculpture is mounted on the exterior wall of the new firehouse. At first sight, it looks like a makeshift ladder.

urban art, public sculpture stockholm


Office building in Frösunda, Stockholm, SE 2014

The 13-meter sculpture was erected between an office building and the directly contiguous highway. It resembles a large, twisted arc and oscillates between abstraction and

Zauberlehrling public art Emscherkunst, Oberhausen weit 2013


EMSCHERKUNST 2013, Oberhausen, DE
GPS: N51°29.63333 E6°53.75 (Ripshorster Straße 306 D-46117 Oberhausen, DE)

An electric pylon steps out of line. The pylon’s ‘escape’ into freedom interrupts the flow of electricity

blue ring landmark

Travelling Light

The 96th Avenue NE Extension Calgary, CA 2013

Travelling Light is a sculpture that takes motion as its theme and makes it experiencable.

Balloon – a sculpture for Jean Paul

Garden of the Jean Paul Museum Bayreuth, DE 2013

The 10-meter sculpture was designed as a monument honoring the writer Jean Paul. It conveys the impression of a breeze

upswing -public sculpture munich


LHI Leasing GmbH München-Pullach, DE 2011

Upswing describes a dynamically veering loop that begins in a putto who is twisting himself upward to unimagined heights.



Culture- and Conventioncenter Worms, DE 2011

The sculpture, positioned centrally on the forecourt of the new cultural center of the city of Worms, looks like a cloud of mercury escaping the ground.

Little Red Riding Hood and…

University of Potsdam, DE 2011

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf are an established unity of opposites, inseparably connected and always mentioned in the same breath.

From Above

Aichi, EXPo 2005 Commemorative Park, JP 2011

A figure in the form of a big snowman leans over the balustrade and gazes down into the basin, where his hat is.

The Brickmann

The VÜ Toronto, CA 2011

The 8-meter high sculpture, placed in the heart of the old Toronto, depicts a perspectivally distorted, anthropomorphic figure made of bricks of ever-diminishing size.



DR Byen – Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Copenhagen, DK 2010

Receiver is a 19-meter, mirror-polished stainless steel sculpture that combines the primal form of the egg with modern communications technology.

ghost sculpture frp

Ghost / Unknown Mass

Towada Art Center, Towada, JP 2010

Two black openings at the upper end turn the initially abstract appearance into a huge spook.

Running Track

Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre, Edmonton, CA 2010

The intensely colored sculpture is a monumental hybrid between a runner and a racetrack; it seems abstract and figurative in equal part.

sculpture on water

Mirror Ball

Växjö Art Site, Växjö, SE 2010

A mirror ball normally hangs from the ceiling of a discotheque; in the middle of a lake, the sculpture becomes a catalyst for a new and unexpected experience of the site.

drop sculpture seaside


VCCEP Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, CA 2009

The 18-meter sculpture in the form of a giant drop alludes to the elements of rain and the ocean, which are omnipresent in Vancouver.

birdsculpture public art


Stadsplein, Willem Arntsz Huis, Utrecht, NL 2009

On the cityplace in front of Willem Arntsz Huis, a Mental Institution, five sculptures in the form of oversized budgerigars will be distributed around the square.

monumental girl singapore

Tall Girl

Orchard Central, Singapore, SG 2009

Tall Girl is a sculpture resembling a very tall girl that stretches up to 20 m hight by a diameter of just 1 m.

art and architecture stockholm


Law Firm Cederquist, Stockholm, SE 2008

If you enter the foyer of the law firm Cederquist in Stockholm, you see an immense old-fashioned chandelier. Unlike his historic examples the chandelier is upside-down.

public commissioned art taiwan


National Stadium, Kaohsiung, TW 2008

The sculpture Let’s Go! is a hybrid between a huge sports shoe, a car, and a ball. It can be perceived as an unusual team bus…

brick-bird on brickwal


Primary School Eschen, LI 2008

The school grounds will be dotted with a five-part work that enters into a surprising and poetic dialog with the complex architecture…


Faculty of Applied Computer Science, University of Augsburg, DE 2008

A large sculpture is centrally placed in the lower courtyard. Its silhouette is like a huge, abstracted toy horse on wheels.


Wild Horses

KAiAK Art + Architecture in Alt Köpenick, Berlin, DE 2008

Two lifesize horses made out of bronze are installed on the Schlossplatz in the old city of Berlin-Köpenick. They are the exact copy of the two famous equestrian-monuments…


Place Jean Jaurès

Nr.43, Boulevard Jean Jaurès, Paris, FR 2007

A balcony is erected on the firewall of the building at 43 Boulevard Jean Jaurès* in Paris on the fourth floor;


Growing Gardener

Osaki Art Village, Tokyo, JP 2006

A 16-meter-high lacquered aluminum sculpture was developed for the centrally located and busy site on Yamanote Line in Tokyo.


Snowman / Snowflake

Vivocity, Singapore, SG 2006

A huge, oversized snowman and a macro-view of the crystalline structure of a snowflake lend the tropical site an additional alpine note.

monumental -sculpture-public-school-staircase


Otto Hahn Oberschule, Berlin, DE 2006

A sculpture with extreme proportions is positioned in the light well of the entrance hall of the Otto Hahn Oberschule in Berlin. The figure of a girl…

universityhall, art and architecture

Limited Liability

Institut für Physik der Ernst Moritz Arndt Universität Greifswald, DE 2006

The sculpture depicts the physical phenomenon of the adhesion of a material that rigidifies precisely at the moment when a droplet seems to form and separate.

basketballcourt-sculpture, munich, school


Occupational School Center Munich, DE 2006

A regulation-sized basketball court was erected on the grove-like forecourt of the school building
of the occupational school.

public sculpture, bankhouse


Bremerhafen-Wulsdorf, DE 2005

In front of the new building of a rural branch of a bank stands a sculpture reminiscent of an extremely elongated “garden dwarf”.

urban art

Your Problem

Urban Art Space, Berlin, DE 2005

On a section of Berlin’s Alexanderplatz that is actually reserved for pedestrians stands a radically wrongly parked car. From the interior of the car, which has tinted windows, a dull soundtrack pounds;



Parking Garage Karlsplatz, Düsseldorf, DE 2004

Ten objects of differing sizes have been threaded into the perforated façade of the parking garage on Karlsplatz. They are greatly magnified pieces of jewelry



Penitentiary Wriezen, DE 2004

A naturalistically painted bronze sculpture of a miniature zebra is standing on a small, oval, fenced-in island of grass.


On Tour

Concert House Vara, SE 2002

On the forecourt of the Concert House of the small rural city of Vara, five suitcase-like sculptures have been left.


Basketball Court

Federal Garden Show, Potsdam, DE 2001

A life-size basketball court takes on the highs and lows of the existing topography, covering it like a wet hand towel.


In the Same Boat/In International Waters

Marine Technical School Parow, DE 2001

On the meadow of the Marine Technical School is a very large sculpture of a boat. The two-colored sculpture is reminiscent of a toy ship


Undeveloped Playground

Skulpturenbiennale Münster 2000, Emsdetten, DE 2001

A soccer pitch with smaller dimensions (44 x22 meters) is installed on both sides of the river. One goal stands on either side of the river.



Fürstenwalde, DE 2001

On a city square you can find a number of conventional urban furnishings, but all doubled and mirroring each other on two axes.


Langer Banker

Forecourt of the DEKA Bank, LU 2001

A figure about 7 meters high stands in front of the bank building in Luxembourg. It depicts a person of normal body circumference but stretched



City Hall Heidenheim/Brenz, DE 2001

A large high-grade steel ring ca. 2.4 meters in diameter is mounted at the level of the seventh upper storey on a corner of the Heidenheim/Brenz city hall.

Tall Boy / Reflecting Wall

27th Primary School Berlin-Spandau, DE 2000

A sculpture depicts a person of normal build who has been extended to a height of 4.5 meters, making him seem extremely thin and stretched.


Wooden Top

University of Shizuoka for Culture and Art (USCA), JP 2000

Seven garden benches are placed along a path on the wavy, curved roof garden of the University of Hamamatsu. The garden benches are in the classic English style and of various sizes.



Administration building of the municipal public transportation company (BVG), Berlin, DE 2000

About 250 figures are suspended from the ceiling in the entire front part of the entranceway. The figures, in three different sizes, are staggered in the space



Central State Bank in Berlin and Brandenburg, Potsdam, DE 1999

On the front lawn and on a cement bench, 17 oversized magpies are positioned.

Long Bench

Orangerie, Körnerpark, Berlin, DE 1999

A 30-meter-long oak bench is shown; it extends almost the entire length of the Orangerie.



Station Plaza, Linköping, SE 1999

A whip-formed streetlight is erected in the middle of the square plaza;



Heinrich Zille Public School, Berlin-Kreuzberg, DE 1995

Five independent works are installed at different locations outside the school, for the most part easy to discover. All of the works are based on everyday, recognizable motifs:



Magazinstraße 15, Berlin, DE 1995

In the courtyard one enters into a circle of seven garden benches of varying size. The smallest bench seems to have been built for a two year-old child, whereas the largest