• monumental sculpture of a figure climbing up architectural floors or levels, shopping mall china, picture of empowerment 2023

Up We Go!

Suhe Mixc World, Shanghai CHN 2023

Commissioned by: ARR.AllRightsReserved
Technique: Stainless Steel, Urethane Paint
Dimensions: HLW: 17 x 10,50 x 5.80 meter

Up We Go! shows the figure of a boy who seemingly effortlessly spans two storeys of a shopping center with one big step. With one foot still attached to the 2nd basement level, the figure develops in a pointed perspective up to the green area on the ground floor, on which it lands with the other foot. Poetic and as if straight out of a dream, there is a moment of childlike empowerment about the character. It dynamizes and connects the different spatial levels in a spectacular way and offers surprising views from all floors.

Project-Video by Terrence Zhang: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQzWWH0e6qM

Photos: Terrence Zhang for Nr.1,4,5 and inges idee for Nr.2,3