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inges idee: Projects 2002–2007

What was Inge’s first idea?
The name itself: that was our first brainstorming. Like when you look for a name for a band.

What other options were there?
We thought about several names. Inges Idee was ultimately the winner, because it made us think of the actress Inge Meysel. And a crocheting magazine. We really liked this idea of a crafts magazine.

“Idea” always sounds rather conceptual and immaterial. But isn’t a group specialized in art accompanying architecture primarily concerned with concrete realization?

PDF inges idee: Projects 2002–2007
Catalogue, interview with inges idee by Harald Fricke, englisch/deutsch, Verlag für moderne Kunst, Nürnberg 2007 (apx. 5.8 MB)



inges idee: Projects 2006–2011

Permanent Vacation
Size matters. Oh yes it does. And oh yes it does in ways that are never self-evident, given or stable. When size matters, big is big, small is small, and medium is only meaningful when placed in comparison with the rest. Size, scale and shape are not static; they are always constructed and constituted. What fits, what makes sense, and what looks horribly out of the place depends on the relationship between big, small and medium, foreground and background, wide and narrow, and all the other possible and potential proportions. In short, it is all about perspective.

PDF inges idee: Projects 2006–2011
Katalog, Text by Mika Hanula, englisch/deutsch, Verlag für moderne Kunst, Nürnberg 2012 (apx. 8.8 MB)