• monumental sculpture of rabbit-like animal made of two steel plates painted with running track graphics, Sportcenter in Karlstad Schweden, 2023


Sportscenter Sannafält, Karlstad, SE, 2022

Commissioned by: The City of Karlstad
Technique: galvanized steel, urethane paint
Dimensions: 5.9 x 11 x 4.6 meter

The Roadrunner is placed on a strip of grass surrounded by roads and faces the sports area across the street. The monumental and strongly colored sculpture represents a hybrid between a runner and a running track, and can be perceived both abstractly and figuratively. It relates the graphic aesthetics of sport to the winding maze of roads surrounding it, combining different aspects of sport, traffic and nature in a humorous and surprising way. The green area in the middle of the maze of streets becomes the starting point for a border-crossing narrative that extends from the sculpture to the newly built sports center.

Photos: Andreas Eliazon