Upswing 2011

LHI Leasing GmbH München-Pullach, DE

commissioned by LHI Leasing GmbH München-Pullach
Architects: M+P Mann und Partner Freie Architekten München

Upswing describes a dynamically veering loop that begins in a putto who is twisting himself upward to unimagined heights.
The sculpture, placed in the greater Munich area, references the special Baroque construction style widespread in southern Germany that made use of swooping construction elements and the figure of the putto. The sculpture takes to a “loopy” extreme the exuberant, spatially expansive, and gravity-defying aspects of the Baroque, formulating a contrast to the rather rational new construction. The playful pleasure in purposelessness and the relation to the architecture unfold a particular energy and tension in the context of a real estate leasing and investment group (LHI).

Photos: Christoph Stepan