• oeffentlicher-raum-kunst-skulptur-public-space-sculpture

The Entwurf

Siemens Campus, City of Erlangen DE 2020

Commissioned by Siemens AG München
Supervision by Siemens Arts Programm, in cooperation with Dr. Alexandra v. Stosch
Material: Galvanized steel, powder-coated aluminum
Dimensions: HLW 4.03 x 2.46 x 2.1 meter

The Entwurf is a figure that “designs” itself. Standing on a hill and dynamically bent forward, this figure hurls disks at an imaginary target lying in front of her. Similar to researchers who design their experiments according to a set hypothesis, the figure projects itself forward towards a goal, into an open future in which it could materialize itself anew or in another shape. Terms such as goal and direction, vision and alignment are found in an absurdly humorous way in the artwork, which sets in motion a multitude of open interpretations at the location of the Siemens Campus.