In the Same Boat/In International Waters

Marine Technical School Parow, DE 2001

In the Same Boat
On the meadow of the Marine Technical School is a very large sculpture of a boat. The two-colored sculpture is reminiscent of a toy ship catapulted to the size of a real boat. The work is all of one piece, with a hermetically sealed surface, and seems as unsinkable as a buoy. Individual early childhood experiences of instabilities or of swimming skills when playing in the bathtub contrast with the strategic, analytical curricula of a Marine Technical School.
 In International Waters
Two showcases made for the purpose were set up in the foyer of the officers’ casino. A number of different water bottles are presented on three storeys here, each of them indirectly lit by two softboxes. The water bottles are placed horizontally on pedestals like models of ships in bottles, but they contain nothing but a perfectly balanced water surface. The presented bottles bear the labels of mineral water from every possible country.

Photos: Jens Ziehe, aib Bauplanung Rostock. Copyrights bbl-mv.