Primary School Eschen, LI 2008

The school grounds will be dotted with a five-part work that enters into a surprising and poetic dialog with the complex architecture and its mostly young users. The five outdoor sculptures at the school form a tour that can be visually experienced and that aims to poetically activate various sites. The individual stages of this tour are loosely connected by formal or narrative aspects and are situated at the entry area (Woodpecker, Yardstick), on the roof of the recess courtyard (Clock), and on the lawn path near the wood workshop (Lantern, Magnifying Glass).
All of the works are based on everyday subjects and motifs, things familiar to everyone: They are lent an unusual quality by their distortion or parameter-shifting, thereby calling into question the accustomed ways of viewing things. The individual works are connected in a network of various references and can be read as building blocks of an indeterminate story.

Photos: inges idee