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Anticipatory Measure

Inselkunst Stadtplänke, City of Minden DE 2021

Commissioned by Rotary Club Minden – Porta Westfalica
Supervision by Verein der Weserfreunde e.V.
Material: powder-coated steel
Dimensions: HLW 11.20 x 0.50 x 6.60 meter

The sculpture takes its starting point in an oversized tape measure that appears through curved shapes like a comic-like animated creature. The black and yellow patterning, which is taken from the measuring units of high-water markings, reinforces this impression and lends it an absurd as well as functional dimension. The “objective” and actually calibrated tape measure is transformed into a sculpture with an independent and mysterious agenda, which, in conjunction with its placement in the middle of a tributary of the Weser River that serves as a flood protection, offers a wide range of possible interpretations.

Photos: inges idee