• monumental sculpture freeway, Hybridsculpture of roadway and rabbit, carrera track as hare, toronto freeway condominium 2022


BLOCK 12 CONCORD PARK PLACE, Toronto, Ontario, CAN 2022

Commissioned by: Concord Adex Investments Limited
Supervision: Public Art Management: Karen Mills, Ben Mills
Technique: galvanized steel, urethane paint
Dimensions: HLW 7.00  2.70 x 3.35 meter

Placed in close proximity to the busy Highway 401, the Rabbit has incorporated the endless lanes into its formal DNA. Like a roller coaster, the lanes whiz through the air in curves and loops, forming the image of a very special character that excels in speed and cunning, but often finds itself in life-threatening conflict with the infrastructure. In its hybrid form, it has found a safe refuge in this place.

Project-Video by Sarah Keenslyside: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQzWWH0e6qM

Photos: Inkblot Media for nr. 1,3 and Laura Rossi for nr. 2,4