• monumental sculpture

Tall Girl

Orchard Central, Singapore, SG 2009

Supervision: Nanjo & Associates Tokyo

Tall Girl is a sculpture resembling a very tall girl that stretches up to 20 m hight by a diameter of just 1 m. The sculpture takes up very little space on the groundlevel, where most of the public will stroll, but reaching up almost through the complete elevation of the building, measuring the dimensions of the architecture.
The sculpture is build after a special formal principle: the figure is not only stretched vertically in an extreme way but is at the same time perspectivly distorted. While the shoes seem extremly large and oversized, the head is almost modest and human in scale, compared to the overall length of the figure.
Tall Girl refers to the special spatial and architectonicl features of Orchard Central: its size spans almost over the total height of the building, offering different and exciting views from various positions. It plays with perspective and distortion, while it, at the same time, shows the place where it is located as that was it is: a hughe and gigantic place to shop.

Photos: inges idee