spatenstich-wohngebiet-hybride skulptur


Svedala Åkerbruk, SE 2017

An 8-meter sculpture will be erected beside the access road to the newly developed residential area in rural Skåne. It projects diagonally from the ground as if it had just been rammed into the earth. The sculpture formally fuses the blade of a spade with two towering, leaf-like outgrowths and enters into a direct dialog with the historical landmark on the horizon, the old windmill of Aggarp.
The basic idea of the design has its starting point in the archaic act of “groundbreaking” with a spade and merges digging and growing in a surprising way in one and the same sculpture. Clearing land and laying a foundation stone are two equal strands of association that take as their theme the transformation of a formerly agricultural place into a new residential area.

Photos: inges idee