Potsdamer Straße, Berlin, DE (not realised) 2004

On a stretch of 2 kilometers, seven inner city situations will be doubled on Potsdamer Straße, which was once representational for the city of Berlin and is today used very heterogeneously. On selected points of the whole street, “doubles” will appear at an interval of 70 cm from the existing objects, as if a tracing-paper duplication of a map of the city had slipped a bit away from the original beneath it. The focus thereby will be on easily overlooked street furnishings like streetlights, bus stops, and clocks. Real Time adds a “stuttering” to the temporal fl ow of everyday happenings, a visually actually existing déjà vu. Along with a general uncertainty about the doubly present street furnishings, the passerby?s attention is directed simultaneously to the present and
the past.

Photos: inges idee