Inges Idee

News: inges idee – in collaboration with Andreas Piontkowitz – designs new Metro Station in Stockholm . 2016-04-01 SKYLINES 3inges idee – in collaboration with Andreas Piontkowitz – wins the contest “konst i nya t bana (art in the new metro)” in Stockholm and will shape the metro station Arenastaden with the design “SKYLINES”.
In the next 10 years, 12 new metro stations will be artistically designed in the context of the expansion of Stockholm’s subway network.  >>>
Project: .....WEHR . 2015 .....WEHR 1New building of Firehouse II, Mainz DE
A sculpture is mounted on the exterior wall of the new firehouse. At first sight, it looks like a makeshift ladder. At the same time, one recognizes that the “ladder” is formed of enlarged and perspectivally transformed matchsticks spelling out the word “WEHR” (German for protection/defense and the second half of the German word Feuerwehr = fire department, fire brigade).  >>>
Project: HARE . 2015 HARE 4Art in public space, greenway in Röthelheimpark Erlangen, DE
The idea behind the design is to combine the site’s many years of history as a military base (US military presence until the early 1990s) with its new utilization as an attractive residential quarter embedded in the landscape. Placed on the greenway is a ca. 3.6-meter sculpture  >>>
Project: Dandy . 2014 Dandy 4Office building in Frösunda, Stockholm, SE
The 13-meter sculpture was erected between an office building and the directly contiguous highway. It resembles a large, twisted arc and oscillates between abstraction and the anthropomorphic suggestion of huge, striding pair of pants.  >>>
Project: Zauberlehrling . 2013 Zauberlehrling 4EMSCHERKUNST 2013, Oberhausen, DE
An electric pylon steps out of line. The pylon’s ‘escape’ into freedom interrupts the flow of electricity, and yet - the pylon itself appears electrified. Its flowing form is reminiscent of a human figure  >>>
Project: Travelling Light . 2013 Travelling Light 1The 96th Avenue NE Extension Calgary, CA
Travelling Light is a sculpture that takes motion as its theme and makes it experiencable.The object, which seems simple at first glance, had to take various site-specific requirements into consideration. First, the rather unusual site on a bridge  >>>
Project: Running Track . 2010 Running Track 2Terwillegar Community Recreation Centre, Edmonton, CA
The intensely colored sculpture is a monumental hybrid between a runner and a racetrack; it seems abstract and figurative in equal part. Running Track combines the concrete, graphic aesthetic of sports  >>>
Project: From Above . 2011 Von Oben 1Aichi, EXPo 2005 Commemorative Park, JP
In the middle of the roof of the newly built Global Center is a large, circular opening; below it on the ground floor is a pool of water. A figure in the form of a big snowman leans over the balustrade and  >>>
Project: Little Red Riding Hood and… . 2011 Rotkäppchen und...2University of Potsdam, DE
The history of the site is symbolically closely tied to the color red. This is where the German Red Cross, brought into line by Hitler, had its national main office – until the Soviet Red Army conquered the grounds  >>>
Project: Receiver . 2010 Receiver 5DR Byen - Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Copenhagen, DK
Receiver is a 19-meter, mirror-polished stainless steel sculpture that combines the primal form of the egg with modern communications technology.  >>>
Project: Drop . 2009 drop teaserbild 1VCCEP Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, CA
The 18-meter sculpture in the form of a giant drop alludes to the elements of rain and the ocean, which are omnipresent in Vancouver.  >>>
Project: Mirror Ball . 2010 Spiegelball 4Växjö Art Site, Växjö, SE
A mirror ball normally hangs from the ceiling of a discotheque; in the middle of a lake, the sculpture becomes a catalyst for a new and unexpected experience of the site.  >>>
Project: LETS GO! . 2008 LETS GO! 1National Stadium, Kaohsiung, TW
The sculpture Let’s Go! is a hybrid between a huge sports shoe, a car, and a ball. It can be perceived as an unusual team bus for a sports team or as an abstract Something catapulted out of the interior of the stadium.  >>>
inges idee consists of the artists Hans Hemmert, Axel Lieber, Thomas A. Schmidt und Georg Zey, who have worked jointly on projects in public space since the group was founded in Berlin in 1992. Along with works carried out in the group, all members are active in their own individual artistic practice.
inges idee works as an artistic collective in public space. What is therefore important is to develop an intuition for the possibilities and specificities of a site and to explore the effect a concrete intervention could have. This is done in dialog with the given site, which, unlike the reference-free “white cube” of museums and galleries, is not static and timeless, but subject to a constant process of change. To properly understand a site, its spatial, social, and historical qualities must be examined.
Public art can shift a given context in order to open the gaze up to other aspects of reality. If that is successful, then the site becomes more interesting and richer. The accustomed course of public life is interrupted for a moment and the viewer has a chance to reflect upon something he is unexpectedly confronted with. This can happen very directly and need not be of a theoretical nature. This immediacy is a democratic experience that inges idee tries to implement. The aim is a new characterization of the site and the viewer’s relationship to what he perceives and experiences there. Successful artistic interventions enrich not only the site in general, but also people, who can experience it as an extension of their private sphere.